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1:35 Churchill Mk. V British Infantry Tank 95mm/L23 Howitzer
Date Added: Aug 30th 2011
Our Price $59.98
1:35 M151 Remote Weapon Station
Date Added: Apr 22nd 2008
Our Price $15.00
1:35 AFV Club Sd.Kfz 164 NASHORN Model Kit
Date Added: May 19th 2010
Nashorn, initially known as Hornisse (German "hornet") was a German tank destroyer of World War II....
MSRP $71.25
Our Price $65.00
1:35 AFV Club Churchill MK.II AVRE
Date Added: Jan 9th 2009
The Tank, Infantry, Mk IV (A22) was a heavy British infantry tank used in the Second World War, be...
MSRP $55.98
Our Price $48.98
1/35 Bussing Nag L4500S
Date Added: Sep 10th 2012
Our Price $59.98
1/35 Churchill MK.III Dieppe Including Workable Track
Date Added: Sep 16th 2013
  • Only model kit in 1/35 scale
  • Newly Tooled Wading System
  • Comes with Unique "Y" Exha...
Our Price $70.00
1:35 British Infantry Tank Mk.III Valentine Mk.I
Date Added: Oct 28th 2011
  • Accurate Measurement and Appearance Basis on Various Museum Collection
  • Workable Suspensio...
  • Our Price $58.00
    1/35 AFV-35187 British of 40mm Mk.III Anti-Aircraft Gun Late Type
    Date Added: Sep 17th 2012

    Main Features

    Our Price $49.98
    1:35 105mm Howitzer M101A1 & Carriage M2A2
    Date Added: Mar 27th 2008
    Manufactured by AFV Club

    Our Price $39.98
    1/35 M42A1 Duster - Early Type
    Date Added: Oct 8th 2012
    1/35 Scale. This kit features a hull and turret of accurate shape and measurements, accurately repro...
    Our Price $75.00
    U.S. "Water Buffalo" LVT-4 (Late Version)
    Date Added: Mar 22nd 2012
    Our Price $62.00
    1:35 U.S. "Water Buffalo" LVT-4 (Early Version)
    Date Added: Aug 30th 2011
  • Working suspension system.
  • Positional ramp can be set to either a closed or open position...
  • Our Price $59.98
    1/35 AEC "Dorchester" Armoured Command Vehicle
    Date Added: Oct 19th 2012
    Our Price $75.00
    Date Added: May 24th 2016
    1/35 scale. New Tooling! This plastic model kit features precise suspension systems, two types of he...
    Our Price $45.00
    1:35 Early Type Sd.Kfz.231 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen
    Date Added: May 15th 2008
    Our Price $59.98
    PanzerFunkwagen Sd.Kfz.2338 - RAD w/7.5cm Gun
    Date Added: May 20th 2015
    Our Price $56.50
    1/35 AEC Matador Early Type
    Date Added: Apr 17th 2014
    MSRP $74.00
    Our Price $68.00
    1/35 AEC Matador Middle Type
    Date Added: Oct 27th 2014
    First ones to order receive a FREE Hobby Fan Figure Limited supplies, first come, first serv...
    MSRP $68.00
    Our Price $61.20
    1/35 British 3in gun Churchill Tank
    Date Added: Apr 17th 2014
    A fixed 88 mm (3.5 in) thick superstructure with the gun in a ball mount. The gun was an otherwise o...
    MSRP $65.00
    Our Price $61.00
    1/35 Churchill AVRE with Snake Launcher
    Date Added: Sep 25th 2014
    MSRP $60.00
    Our Price $54.00